Native Sun Gardens

ecological landscape design

Helping the earth bloom

Garden Themes

By assessing each garden’s own unique micro-climate parameters, (ie: light, wind, exposure, soil) Native Sun Gardens is able to design gardens that thrive and look marvelous throughout the seasons. 

Edible Estates

Organic home-grown food IS possible!  From fruit trees to chickens to seasonal vegetables, we can design a garden that will thrive, and guide you through the seasons to empowering you to grow your own food.  

California Natives

California is the home to over 6,000 species of plants. We can custom tailor a native palate to best suit your microclimate.


Mediterranean Gardens

Mediterranean gardens embrace the drought, looking lovely throughout the 8+ month dry season.

 Dry Rock Gardens

Dry rock gardens blend rock, stone, succulents, and cacti together to weave an interesting garden that requires Zero Water!



Zen Gardens

Enjoy the tranquility of your outdoor haven.  Allow the peace and quiet of the zen garden to calm, taking in the site of the plants, textures designed to have interest throughout the seasons.

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